Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Naming of the clouds

Description: I class we had to write about the namings of clouds. Let me run you through the protease first we went to a reading work shop and watched a clip and took notes. The we had to do a hand burger. In the had burger the top bun is the introduction there are three in the middle for topic and the bottom bun is conclusion and summary. Then we had to write a story. Here is my story.
Story: " Luke Howard" Yelled the teacher. Luke Howard was fasanated in clouds. He didn't listen in class much because he was to busy gazing out the window. He wanted to name them. He was a pharmacist but he was to fasanated in clouds and changed to a meteorologist. Using his knowledge in laten he named the clouds. There was cumulus witch ment heap and pile, cirrus layed thin stratus sheet and spread that was only three he made up more and they where the three main clouds there was statocumulus witch ment heap and spread, cirrostratus layed and spread and there also was nimbus and that's all three of them mixed together. There are seven at the time but now there are ten.
If you do not understand here is the clip for you to watch.

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